Improvements to the Walking Trail

We are excited to announce some new improvements to the walking trail at The Ranch.

We purchased a couple of stone benches and a picnic table set from Coldspring Granite and asked Prairie View Landscaping to landscape some sitting areas along the trail.   This work has recently been completed and we now have three beautiful resting areas along the existing trail, complete with trees, for residents to enjoy.  These serene resting areas are nestled into the coulee and are a great spot to spend some time bird watching, wildlife viewing, or just enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the natural prairie.

We have also begun work on an additional section of trail just west of King Ranch Road.  This section is a mowed grass trail which meanders through the coulee and ends up on top of the butte on the west end of the development.  We placed a huge flat rock near the large cottonwood tree at the top of the butte, which offers a great spot to sit and observe the spectacular North Dakota sunrises and sunsets.

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