Progress Update

The first phase of THE RANCH subdivision is nearing completion! 

Winter effectively shut down all progress at THE RANCH, and we are anxiously awaiting the spring thaw.  

At this time nearly all of the roads have one lift of pavement on them and we are hopeful Northern Improvement will be on the site early this spring to complete the paving in the development, and on the access road (136th Avenue).  

The utilities (MDU, Capital Electric, Bek & MidContinent) are to the property and will begin installing lines to the individual lots as weather and their schedules allow.  Rural water is on-site and the sewer system installation will continue as soon as weather allows. 

There is a bit more dirt to be moved onto some of the lots, and the ditches still need some grading before the piles of black dirt you see here and there are spread in the ditches and grass is seeded. 




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